The Meaning

A Short Story

Ophrn Studios' name is inspired by Ophion, the first of the Titans to rule the world in Greek Mythology. There are many stories of Ophion, however we are inspired by only one - that he became too arrogant for his own good, resulting in his peers doubting his abilities and eventually casting him down to Tartarus. 


Our interpretation of Ophion's story is that he was eventually overlooked and underestimated due to his growth as a haughty being. This birthed our slogan, "Never Be Overlooked." To us, in order to Never Be Overlooked, you must exude enough confidence in order to garner attention, but always remain humble in knowing that you can always improve. That is how you excel. That is how you win.

Bringing Meaning To Our Customers

One who wears an Ophrn Studios item has a love for fashion and art. They know what it means to make a statement, to be unique. They embody what it means to be multi-faceted, to always strive above and beyond. They will Never Be Overlooked.