The History

Ophrn Studios was conceptualized under the name Ophirian Apparel in 2015 and quickly halted in 2016. Ophirian Apparel provided made-to-order, hand painted garments. In the years of Ophirian Apparel's cessation, our designer sought endlessly for new motivation and inspiration. Even though there were no longer any items being sold for profit, our designer never stopped sketching, and never stopped creating. 
It wasn't until July of 2020 during the national lockdown, that the yearning for something more became so heavy that our designer finally decided to publicly showcase her talents once again - in a bigger and better way. 
The result is what you, the customer see here: Ophrn Studios (O-FEER-EE-IN Studios), rebirthed and renewed in July 2021. We hope that you love our pieces as much as we do, and that you will Never Be Overlooked.